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The Rapture Logs Contents

Foreword: (A Guide to Reading the Rapture Logs)


May 20th (Opening)

May 21st (The First Day)

ACT I: (The Coming of) The Four Rakes

May 23rd (Donnivan)

May 24th (Exposition)

May 25th (Journey to London)

May 26th (“The Mistress”)

May 27th (Blackpool)

May 28th (“Awaken”)

May 29th (The Package)

May 30th (Punished)

May 31st (The Gathering)

June 1st (The Job)

June 2nd (Crossing France)

June 3rd (Cawing)

June 4th (SLCEM Brigada)

June 5th (Antonio Ferdinando)

June 6th (Daniel Ligato)

June 7th (Gregori Rimara)

June 8th (Journey Back, I)

June 9th (Journey Back, II)

June 10th (“Welcome back, White Jester”)

June 11th (Bones and the Receipt)

June 12th (Donnie’s Job)

June 13th (No Breaks)

June 14th (Recovering)

June 15th (Operation: Kelvin, I)

June 16th (Operation: Kelvin, II)

June 17th (Operation: Kelvin, III)

June 18th (The New Plan)

June 19th (A Trip)

June 20th (Deux Ex Machina)

June 21st (Tri Lambda)

June 22nd (Fourth Attack)

June 23rd (Five Tallies)

June 24th (Sextuple Boundaries)

June 25th (Wake Up)

June 26th (Liverpool Logs)

June 27th (“Massacrer is next”)

June 28th (Preparations and Summaries)

June 29th (Rael’s Exodus, I: Leaving England)

June 30th (Rael’s Exodus, II: “Indisen”)

July 1st (Rael’s Exodus, III: Tension and Papers)

July 2nd (Rael’s Exodus, IV: The Camper)

July 3rd (Rael’s Exodus, V: “Witch hunt”)

July 4th (Rael’s Exodus, VI: Wishful Thinking)

ACT II: (The Seven Ciphers of) The Blind Man’s Book

July 5th (The Land of Opportunity)

July 6th (Deep into the Rabbit Hole)

July 7th (Peisistratos)

July 8th (Noga Wastelands)

July 9th (Homecoming)

July 10th (Closet Corpses)

July 11th (Conflict Among Them)

July 12th (Language of the Mad)

July 13th (Anonymous, I)

July 14th (Anonymous, II)

July 15th (Through the Door)

July 16th (Love Hurts)

July 17th (The Watchtower)

July 18th (The Smell of Blood)

July 19th (Rael’s Second Task)

July 20th (Rewarded)

July 21st (Viva New Sanctuary)

July 22nd (Judgement and Misdirection)

July 23rd (Entering California)

July 24th (Operation: Rise Against the Rich, I)

July 25th (Operation: Rise Against the Rich, II)

July 26th (Operation: Rise Against the Rich, III)

July 27th (Operation: Rise Against the Rich, IV)

July 28th (Operation: Rise Against the Rich, V)

July 29th (Adventure Time in 5/8)

July 30th (The Testing Grounds)

July 31st (Operation Ground and Pound)

August 1st (The Battle of Dominiere, I: Rael’s Lament)

August 2nd (The Battle of Dominiere, II: Hell Rises)

August 3rd (The Battle of Dominiere, III: Valley of Song)

August 4th (The Battle of Dominiere, IV: Rael’s Octavarium)

August 5th (The Battle of Dominiere, V: Breaking Up)

August 6th (The Battle of Dominiere, VI: Bittersweet Submission)

August 7th (The Battle of Dominiere, VII: Victoria’s Duel)

Intermission: (No Rest for the Rest of Us)

ACT III: (The Duels of) The Knights of Xanadu

August 8th (Anna’s New Toys)

August 9th (Lost of Love)

August 10th (Phil the Gunslinger)

August 11th (Amnesiac’s Bend)

August 12th (Individuality’s Approach)

August 13th (Return of the White Jester)

August 14th (Reality’s Bend)

August 15th (Bryan Breecrest)

August 16th (The White Jester Rises, I)

August 17th (The White Jester Rises, II)

August 18th (“I Always Come Early”)

August 19th (Cracked and Broken Path)

August 20th (The Birchman)

August 21st (Legsteps on Fire and Teenage Emotions)

August 22nd (Obfuscation, I)

August 23rd (Obfuscation, II)

August 24th (Obfuscation, III)

August 25th (Obfuscation, IV: INDISEN)

August 26th (Obfuscation, V)

August 27th (Stamford)

August 28th (Robot Pirate)

August 29th (Never Sleep, Never Wake)

August 30th (Like the Sea, I Raged)

August 31st (Racing the Chessboard)

September 1st (“Devil’s in the details”)

September 2nd (One for Every)

September 3rd (Ambiguity)

September 4th (“Numbers obfuscate”)

September 5th (Beavis Superbear)

September 6th (Flight of the Skelbatross)

September 7th (Australia Arrival)

September 8th (Topography Genera, I: Enter the Labyrinth)

September 9th (Topography Genera, II: Hidden Doors)

September 10th (Topography Genera, III: Progress)

September 11th (Topography Genera, IV: Nothing)

September 12th (Topography Genera, V: Rapture)

September 13th (Topography Genera, VI: The Blue X)

September 14th (Topography Genera, VII: Degrees of Fear)

September 15th (Topography Genera, VIII: Scarf of Blood, Hat of Shadow)

ACT IV: The Hunt (of The Beast and The Harlot, The Seven Beacons, and The Terminal Coming of Rapture)

September 16th (The Coming of The Beast)

September 17th (Messages)

September 18th (Our Graveyard Earth)

September 19th (Feared and Revered)

September 20th (Under Every Old Blind Man’s Bed)

September 21st (Partita: The Epic Structure)

September 22nd (Reveries and Faceless Bastards)

September 23rd (Through the Fire and the Finland, I)

September 24th (Through the Fire and the Finland, II)

September 25th (Blood and Water)

September 26th (Battle Cries)

September 27th (Digging up Fossils)

September Red (The Colour of Blood)

September 28th (Painted Passion, Scorched Imagery)

September 29th (A Long Way)

September 30th (The Virion Complex)

Rocktober 1st (The Progression of, I: Water)

Rocktober 2nd (The Progression of, II: Telos Absent)

Rocktober 3rd (The Progression of, III: Red Fire)

Rocktober 4th (The Progression of, IV: Black Fire)

Rocktober 5th (The Darkness Between Planets)

Rocktober 6th (Bearings)

Rocktober 7th (“Matkaopas”)

Rocktober 8th (Rael’s Odyssey, I: Descent of the Mythological Beasts)

Rocktober 9th (Rael’s Odyssey, II)

Rocktober 10th (Rael’s Odyssey, III)

Rocktober 11th (Rael’s Odyssey, IV)

Rocktober 12th (Rael’s Odyssey, V)

Rocktober 13th (Rael’s Odyssey, VI)

Rocktober 14th (Like the Earth, I Gave)

Rocktober 15th (Breathing Underwater, Seeing in the Dark)

Rocktober 16th (The Middle Fights)

Rocktober 17th (Coming of the Final Battle, I: Carvings)

Rocktober 18th (Coming of the Final Battle, II: Blood on Broadway)

Rocktober 19th (Coming of the Final Battle, III: Legacies)

Rocktober 20th (Coming of the Final Battle, IV: Seas)

Rocktober 21st (Coming of the Final Battle, V: Rise)

Credits: (Regards, Many)


Rocktober 22nd (The Fall of the Diseuse)

Rocktober 23rd (Closing)

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