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Friday June 3rd, 2011

6:23 PM

It’s sunny outside.

Not demented.

Red sky.

Not demented.

Grass outside.

Not dog guts.

Silence outside.

Not endless barking.

Oh god I’m getting as far away from this rabbit hole as I can.

6:57 PM

Journal, I don’t like… I don’t like.. fucking..

I hate Dogscape.

I always hated the creepypasta; it was the only creepypasta out there that touched upon every single one of my goddamn primal fears.

It’s.. fucking.. dogs. Dog. Dogs everywhere. Nothing but dogs. Not even proper dogs like you know them. Just.. the whole planet, journal. The whole planet is dogs. The whole planet is dog flesh, dog skin, dog fur, dog bones, dog muscle, dog guts, dog eyes, dog mouths, dog tails, and it’s alive. The whole planet is fucking alive. It wants you to try to survive. It wants you to try and fail, so you’ll melt into the fucking writhing mass. So you will be accepted into the Dogscape.

And the ticks.

Oh god.

Don’t even mention the ticks.

Just.. just shut up, kay?

8:12 PM

I don’t know where the fuck I am anymore.

It’s not beautiful out anymore.

It’s mountainous and rough. It’s dirty and it’s grey and bland.

Am I still in France?

8:25 PM

Just passed a sign saying, I think, that the Spanish border is nearby.

God, I fucking hope so.

9:51 PM

I miss Donnie. ;_;

Donnie was so pretty, you know? She was so pretty, so nice. So helpful. And she was a perfect match for me.

I really liked her, journal. D:

Why does this kind of thing have to happen? It’s like there is a God, but he just wants to give me all the worst possible events.

9:53 PM


I wasn’t too far off, was I? >_>

9:57 PM

Rainless lightning, whoo.

10:14 PM

…okay, so I guess it was just that one random lightning bolt.

And there’s that goddamn cawing again.

10:18 PM

Holy shit, I know the source of the cawing.

There’s a huge flock of birds flying around these mountains. They’re causing the cawing.

10:24 PM

…goddamn, the flock’s even bigger than I thought.

And still, more and more birds enter from all directions.

They’re forming a giant.. orb. Of swirling birds.

10:31 PM

It’s.. heh, it’s.. pretty big! It’s just getting bigger and bigger an



NO SERIOUSLY, they’re flying out of the orb in groups of.. fucking hundreds, and at incredibly fast speeds. The mini-flocks first form some sort of.. of arm, extending out of the orb, then it detaches and the birds..

..there’s no easier way to say it.

They fucking transform into lightning. Just for a bit. Then when the lightning strikes, they fly away, moving too fast to be properly recognized. Looks almost like rain.

I’m.. I’m gonna call them Thunderbirds. Like the TV series.

And now I’m gonna fucking run.

11:00 PM

Okay, I’m hiding behind a street sign. The cawing’s fading. I don’t think they were even actually trying to attack me. o_o

It’s like.. it’s like I’m with the bad guys now. And not the good guys.

Ohhhhh, I don’t want to be with the bad guys! D: I want to be with Donnie. ._.

11:05 PM

On the upside, that sign said I’m now in Spain., uh.. hola, journal.

11:11 PM

I wish I could be with Donnie. Or just.. I dunno. A girl. I’m so comfortable around girls.

11:58 PM

I don’t intend on sleeping tonight, journal. I plan on walking all night until I reach Berga. I guess that’s what I’ll do.