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Saturday June 4th, 2011

12:06 AM

Well, here we go. Into the depths of the night, in a country whose language I don’t even remotely speak.

12:14 AM

It’s pretty tonight. Sure, dark red like it has been for weeks now, but it’s still pretty.

1:49 AM

I’ve made it through “100 Bottles of Paracetamol on the Wall.” Not there yet.

3:01 AM

Holy shit, no way.

Fucking spidercat.

This one’s fucking feral. Fast. I could barely see it move, but I’d recognize those demonic chirps anywhere.

Got my crowbar ready.

It’s time to do this shit like Gordon fucking Freeman.

3:04 AM


3:05 AM

Fucker’s dead.

I don’t feel barbaric anymore.

Not one bit.

Let’s keep moving.

3:13 AM

….motherfucking yes, there’s a car.

3:16 AM

This bastard works.

Fuck yes.

4:42 AM


4:45 AM

Phil Collins has such a sexy voice.

..sorry, I’m listening to music. :D

4:47 AM

D’accord, parked this car, now where am I gonna go?

I guess I’ll look around. I mean, how many different people can there be here?

4:53 AM

Dear sweet fhqwghads, The Cheat is to the limit.

There’s gotta be at least twenty people here in this hotel, completely normal people. Nobody’s noticing me, though, despite my white outfit. These people are all wearing festive clothing.

5:15 AM

I was able to find someone who spoke English. He told me this was the local meeting place for the SLCEM Brigada. That’s, uh.. well, it’s something in Spanish. And then “Brigade.”

He says his name is Tony. No, Tony Marcado. Says the SLCEMs are gathering for a group meeting tonight. He says many more will be here, and it still won’t even be a quarter of the total number of SLCEMs in Spain.

I didn’t realize this many people were surviving and gathering in places like this. It’s pretty heartwarming, a true testament to human will. ;w;

Tony says I should rest up for today. The meeting’s gonna be important, and they’ll need all the help they can get with what they have planned.

I asked if he knew where Tony Ferdinando was. He says, if he’s not here now, he’ll definitely be here for the meeting. He says Ferdinando’s an important guy.

Great. And I have to “convert” him.

5:32 AM

Hotel room, oh boy! I love these things.

And god, am I knackered. Time for rest, Jordy boy.

1:58 PM

I dreamt of a door.

Just a door. No scenery, no rooms, just a door. And me.

I tried opening the door, but it wouldn’t budge.

It wasn’t locked. It just didn’t want to open.

I heard a door rattle and then I woke up to find that was someone coming into my room.

It’s Marcado. He says his job is to make sure everyone knows about the meeting, so he came in to make sure I was going tonight. 6 PM, he said.

2:22 PM

Hot damn, this place has a CD player.

2:30 PM


“In the Presence of Enemies” was my all-time favourite song for a really long time, you know. 25 minutes of pure fucking Dream Theater classic.

5:13 PM

Wow, I just took a fuckin’ nap. What the fuck, so soon after sleeping?

5:41 PM

Heading to the lobby now. The meeting’s soon.

5:53 PM

Oh my god, there are a lot of people here. It’s hard to move.

…nobody showers in the apocalypse. At least I’m not alone in that.

But wow, you don’t really notice it until you’re “Pakt Like Sardines in a Tin Can,” to put it like Thom Yorke.

6:00 PM

Some guy’s standing on a chair. I think he’s the one giving a speech.

Fuck, I just realized I’m in Spain. I can’t understand a word he’s saying.

6:24 PM

I think I heard something about dildos.

6:35 PM

Okay, now I’m sure he mentioned something about “That buffoon in the white.” I heard “el bufon blanco.”

The fuck, just ‘cause I can’t speak your language doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings, guys. ._.

6:43 PM

I heard “el bufon blanco” again.

Are they actually talking about me? I get the feeling they might not be.

6:50 PM

Okay, the meeting’s over. I’m gonna see if Marcado can fill me in on what was said.

7:13 PM

So apparently, the SLCEMs have some big attack planned. I asked against whom, he said “fear.” The fuck, I know, right? So he explained that we’re sending a messenger tomorrow to the next town over, Manresa, where he’ll let the SLCEM Brigada there that this base here is go for the attack. It’s standard procedures, basically. Gotta let the others know that we’re ready, gotta synchronize the attack.

So yeah. Then I asked if Ferdinando was here yet. He said he was running late; someone had heard from him. Says he’ll be here tomorrow, no doubt.

Great. I’m going back to bed; I’ve been so tired lately.

7:26 PM

There’s some pretty young folk here. I just saw a kid who had to be no older than eight.

9:41 PM

Someone’s knocking on the door.

9:42 PM

It’s that young kid I saw. He said he was too cold, so I said he could come in; this room’s got towels. He didn’t come in, just ran away.

…that kid was speaking English.

11:00 PM

I haven’t gone to sleep yet. I’ve just been.. I dunno. Looking out at the sky. It’s red, getting dark red. I see the Thunderbirds flying around out there, and I occasionally see ‘lightning’ off in the distance.

The world has gotten so quiet. It’s only been two weeks, and the world’s gotten absolutely silent.

It seems like the world will never be the same again, and all we can really do is just gather in groups and hope Mistress doesn’t crash our parties.

11:11 PM

I wish something good would happen.