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Saturday June 11th, 2011

12:01 AM


Mistress says she just happened to be in the neighbourhood and that she figured she’d drop by.

I thanked her for the consideration.

Mistress wants to know if I’m going to invite her in for some hot coffee.


Mistress says that’s the idea.

That’s not what I meant.

It’s what Mistress meant. She’s made her way indoors now. Donnie’s coming downstairs.

Donnie saw Mistress. She’s going back up.

Now why can’t I?

Mistress is sitting on our couch, complimenting our house. I thanked her and said it’s not ours but troper male’s, who happens to be dead. “Converted.”

Mistress says the couch is comfy, but she could use a comfier seat.

Mistress brought rope and duct tape. Now Mistress wants me to stop writing and make sure she’s satisfied.


4:38 PM

Oh my god.

First of all, she kept going until 5 AM.

Second of all, she never untied me or ungagged me.

Third of all, Donnie had fallen asleep upstairs.

Donnie just woke up and went downstairs and found me just now.

I was gagged with old panties. Not Donnie’s, and Mistress is a marionette; she doesn’t wear panties. Whose the hell were they? I can’t get the taste of blood out of my mouth now. Blood and shit. o_e

4:42 PM

Donnie kissed me.

I can’t taste blood and shit anymore.

I’m.. gonna put this journal down for a second.

4:50 PM

“We’re gonna get out of here, right?”

Yes. We are. We’ll get out of here, and we’ll go to.. uh..

“We’ll go to a church. And get married.”

Are you okay, Donnie?

“Marriage is a perfectly normal thing to suggest!” ..she burst into tears. “I’m just so alone. I feel like you’re falling in love with that.. thing.”

Oh god. There is no way in Hell that I would ever fall in love with Mistress. I’m terrified of her; that’s not love.

“Do.. do you promise?”

I do.

“Promise you’ll never?”

I promise. Donnie, you’ve been treated horribly, and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to make it up to you; I promise that too.


“You don’t need to. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

I feel like I have.

“You’re my best friend at the moment, Jordan. You’ve treated me the best out of everyone so far.”

..then why do I hate myself? ._.

7:58 PM

We went to the restaurant again. We made ourselves meals and talked about other future plans. We thought about running to some countryside town nearby, or perhaps all the way to France. But in the end, those aren’t very good plans.

I’m starting to realize that Mistress chose the perfect place to lead us to. Blackpool is far from everything. Everything except the ocean, and we can’t run across that.

What does Mistress want with us?

9:12 PM

I just want to sleep all night tonight. With Donnie.

But we can’t. Mistress will visit tonight. There’s no telling what she’d do to us if she found us sleeping.

So I guess we’ll listen to some music.

10:39 PM

Music is fun. Legitimately fun. It’s making me feel alive.

11:00 PM


Donnie’ll get it this time. She insists.

11:01 PM

It’s not Mistress, I know that much.

It’s a man.

He’s handing Donnie a flyer. And now he’s leaving.

I couldn’t see him very well from up here.

11:02 PM

Donnie says he was a man in a similar outfit to what I normally wear. Black suit, black pants, sunglasses, (no scarf,) and.. well, she said he wasn’t in a trilby. She said she thinks it’s called a fedora.

She also says he had dark hair and a thin moustache. He didn’t speak.

I can’t believe it. I know that man.

Bones. But Bones.. what? I mean.. he was my best friend back when I used to live in America a year ago. I don’t understand…

Oh right, the flyer. It actually wasn’t a flyer; it was a receipt. For a B-4000k Oven. Expensive, according to this thing. In the quintuple-digit range.

The hell?

Donnie says she’s going to hide the receipt somewhere. Just in case.

I’m still trying to figure out what the point to that was.

11:11 PM

I wish tonight’s “session” will be at least a little bit gentler than normal.

11:39 PM

Speak of the devil. That’ll be Mistress. I’ll get it.

11:41 PM

Hi. Mistress says tonight’s session will have to be shorter than usual. Mistress says she has news for me.

But first, Mistress wants to have her way with the “hottest man around.” Mistress is giggling.

Every time she compliments me, I feel worse about myself.

Every time she giggles, I want her to just hurry up and kill me already.