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Tuesday June 14th, 2011

2:34 PM







3:10 PM






3:46 PM








3:50 PM




8:13 PM

i feel better.

just ow

i’m in pain. serious pain. i’ll get over it soon enough though.

otherwise mistress’ll kill me.

finally got some food.

hadn’t eaten in days.

mouth hurts cut up

but i don’t care hungry.

i miss donnie.

god i really do.

if Donnie was here she’d hug me and kiss me and make me feel better..

She’d make sure I wasn’t feeling like shit and i’d appreciate it so much,

I’d probably kiss her feet and I know I’d definitely kiss her ass unlike mistress’ whose ass is just solid wood

WELL.. I mean.. there’s still something off about Mistress. Like.. she’s not completely cold, there’s a bit of warmth in there like she’s a little alive.

I’m beginning to wonder what the hell the Harlequin really is.

I’m also wondering what Donnie’s doing right now. I hope she’s still alive.

..of course she is, Jordan. Don’t be silly. Please.

How about a mystery I can sorta at least try to solve, the mystery of the receipt?

It said B-4000k, didn’t it? For some sorta oven?

8:40 PM

Holy shit, I’ve found something.

There’s definitely an oven here called the B-4000k.

It’s huge, absolutely gigantic. You could probably fit a cow on that thing. I’m not kidding.

What’s the “B” stand for? “Bake?” “Bovine?” “Burninate?”

….”Brazilian.” So Bones came all this way to buy us a giant cooker from Brazil?

That’s a little weird.

8:43 PM

I’ve been looking at it for a while, haven’t I? It’s kinda creepy. Almost.. ominous. Foreshadboding.

I’m gonna go home and pop some prog on. I’ll see if I have any clean clothes at all.

9:38 PM

Fuck yes, Mastodon’s Blood Mountain. Let’s look for some clothes.

Also Note: I tore out the past bundle of pages. Nobody needs to see that stuff, and I don’t need to be reminded. Y’know, in case someone reads this eventually and thinks those pages being lost was a bad thing.

9:50 PM

Hey, my Rock Band T-shirt. I love this thing.

Found some nice trousers, too. Black. I’m sick of white.

No idea where my black suit and trilby are, though.

Fuck it, going back to my prog.

10:47 PM


10:48 PM

All of a sudden, tons of zombies standing outside the house. Like they did many weeks ago. Where have these zombies been?

Unless Mistress has been keeping them away and now she’s done with me.

..they’re not copying me. o_o

10:49 PM

They mostly just stand there, surrounding the house, but a lot of them are occasionally.. moving their arms. Like they’re getting used to them. Some of them are “testing” the legs, too.

10:53 PM

..they really do not look like conventional zombies. They look a lot like normal humans, but just.. brain-dead. Comatose.

It’s creepy.

11:00 PM

They all said “Your move.”

And.. now they’re leaving.


11:57 PM

Can I be honest with you, journal?

I’m scared of what Mistress’ll do to me tonight.