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Sunday June 19th, 2011

2:49 AM


was in old house back in georgia

was eating sunflower seeds and hanging out with bones

donnie was also there

they both wouldn’t move

they’d just watch me and copy me

and sooner or later they were operating in-sync with each other

as if they shared the same mind

They were zombies.

And then I was a zombie.

All of a sudden, all I could hear, in all directions, in every voice I’ve ever heard, was

Rael, welcome. We are the Lamia of the pool.

We have been waiting for our waters to bring you cool.

Then I felt strings holding me down, and then I woke up.

Donnie’s up now. She says she had a similar dream, though with places and people she knew and “Hello, Victoria.”

..we’re gonna get going now. Yes, now.

3:08 AM

Got all our stuff. I’m all dressed. God, I’m tired.

Donnie seems to prefer dressing for comfort rather than style.

Meh. To each, her own.

3:24 AM

Kay. Out of Blackpool. We’ve got the directions to Liverpool all printed out.

Fifteen-hour trip, here we go.

I’m yawning way too much.

But we you saw the dream thing that we had I mean… we can’t risk it.

4:09 AM

Oh my god, there are a lot of zombies, as usual. Except only some of them are attacking us. See, some of them look like real zombies, the real living undead. Those are the ones that are attacking us.

The other ones are those comatose guys. They’re making some attempt to.. to.. I almost wanna say they’re trying to learn. How to live.

..”Learning to Live.” Final song off Dream Theater’s Images & Words. Huh. I suddenly feel like listening to that album.

We gotta find a car; this trip’d go way faster. Plus I’d get to play Images & Words. >w>;

6:49 AM

I’d write a lot more if more exciting stuff were to happen.

…I was expecting something exciting to cut me off mid-sentence. Like a Gilligan cut, but.. well, nFUCKER THAT’S A BIG PENIS


6:52 AM

Sorry. That thing was like.. a malformed Big One.

Remember the Big Ones? The torso and faceless head, but super-huge? Well, that one was deformed and shit; it also had a penis.

A “Big One,” if you will.

7:08 AM

Oh my god, gas station.

Looks like it’s time for a rabbit hole.

7:24 AM

On the side of the gas station, someone’s written


No other graffiti. Just that.

“England’s theirs now.”

I don’t think I have any trouble understanding that.

7:30 AM

Donnie’s going to the bathroom before we start looking for the rabbit hole.

7:36 AM girls normally take this long? I’m pretty sure they don’t.

7:38 AM



This is a little weird.

I wanna say this bathroom’s a rabbit hole.

But then again, I’m really not all that sure.

I stepped into the girls’ room and.. well.. mannequins in the mirror! As soon as you enter the room, there’s this big mirror with the sinks, and in the mirror, I can see mannequins gathered around one closed stall. They’re just gathered outside it, as if waiting for it to open.

And y’know, I’m pretty sure that’s Donnie’s.

Yet when I actually look in the bathroom, there are no mannequins. Just a closed stall door.

7:40 AM

I asked Donnie if she’s okay. She hesitated before answering, but she’s fine.

I told her I’m just gonna… wait. Here. For her.

She asked why. I looked in the mirror again and saw the mannequins looking at me.

So I’m, uh.. well. I told her we may be in a rabbit hole, may not be, but either way, something’s.. wrong.

She got the message. She says she’ll hurry.

7:42 AM

The mirror mannequins are closer to the mirror now.

What are they doing?

7:43 AM

Donnie’s flushed and leaving the stall SCREAMING yeah mannequins I know c’mon let’s go Donnie


7:44 AM

As we were leaving the bathroom, I turned and saw a mannequin crawling through the mirror.

We’re running now.

7:45 AM

YEP that was a rabbit hole

Welcome to the whoa zone. o__o

We seem to be in a city. But there are big patches of the ground missing. Nothing’s there, just.. abyss.

7:47 AM

There are entire chunks of buildings replaced with abyss. Everything above the abyss is just.. levitating.

7:50 AM

Holy shit. In the distance. What is that?

7:51 AM

I thought it was a Big One at first, but no, it’s not. It’srfk90sd WHOAAAA JSRRUN RUN


7:53 AM

Time to run oh my god jump over that box c’mon Donnie

dodge that lamppost

oh my god a dog

I just kicked the dog I didn’t mean to

oh my god run it’s coming OH MY GOOOOOOD

7:57 AM

Down this alleyway run c’mon


10:40 PM