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Saturday June 25th, 2011

8:31 AM

Holy cock. I woke up in a hotel. I don’t remember anything from the past several days. I mean, I remember being in that city, and running from that.. giant screaming face. And then I went down an alley and..


It was the slender man.

It’s like motherfucking Marble Hornets Part 2. What the fuck.

8:32 AM

I have no idea where Donnie is.

..I have no idea where I am.

8:35 AM

There’s a safe in my room. I’m gonna try the code “1102.” Well, fuck. I’m all out of ideas.

8:40 AM

Okay, there’s a connecting door to the next room, and I knocked on it, and go ahead and guess who was on the other side.

If you guessed “Donnie,” you’re wrong.

Well okay, fine, you’re right.

8:58 AM

We have deduced that neither of us remembers anything about the past few days.

This is a very bad thing. But we’ll make do. We’re gonna look around the hotel.

9:01 AM

Elevator’s working, right. We’re on the seventh floor.

Trying the ground floor.

9:02 AM

The elevator stopped on the third floor. It won’t do anything now. The doors haven’t opened yet.

Oh, there we go. They opened. It’s just a regular hotel hallway. Takes a left turn after about seven doors.

9:03 AM

Donnie’s coughing a lot.

This door is ajar.

9:04 AM

That window shows nothing but bricks.

Where the hell are we?



9:05 AM

running down the haaaaall oh look at that that’s not Donnie

..slendy’s gone.

And so’s that other person.


9:06 AM

So, uh.. that was an old woman. She was black. I saw her for a little bit, standing in the middle of the hall, but now she’s just gone, man! It’s true!

Donnie’s still here. We’re looking for the exit now.

9:13 AM

Staircase! Hey! Finally.

Aaand slendy’s up there fuck that shit we’re going down.

9:14 AM

Ground floor ho boy

see ya slendy

wouldn’t wanna be ya!

9:15 AM

We’re out of the hotel.

Where are we now, we’re in Liverpool, okay.


holy fuck

flying zombies

eat guitar controller

eat it in the FACE

oh god the blood





Yeah, we’d better run.

9:19 AM

Oh hi there! These are other nice people! Real people! Not twisted or demented or zombies or anything like that! They’re people!

It’s a family of four, specifically.

9:48 AM

The father’s name is Richard, that much I know. Mother’s name is Meredith. Man, British people have stupid names. >_> Even though I am one. It’s still true. They have two sons, one of whom looks about.. early-twenties, his name’s Rogers, other son’s probably around seventeen, name’s Bill. Completely generic names.

They’re staying at a nearby inn until the Exodus sets sail. Donnie asked if we could stay with them, and they said we’d have to ask the innkeeper.

Fair enough.

11:03 AM

This town is large. See, I didn’t know that. Because I’ve never been to Liverpool before.

But anyway, we just found the inn. It’s pretty close to the harbour.

11:22 AM

The innkeeper’s given us a room. It’s a nice room, yes. But the innkeeper told us to watch out for the Masked Massacrer who’s been spotted in the area. I’m gonna ask around about this.

12:39 PM

I’ve asked a good few people around here about this “Masked Massacrer” guy, and I’ve gotten a few details.

Masky is a— oh. Actually, that sums it up, right there. Masky. A man in a mask.

The Liverpoolians have dubbed him the “Massacrer” because he’s killed a whopping six people. How terrifying. I’ve killed more people than that. ..though I don’t want to start telling people that.

They say this guy’s mask is funny. It’s like a crudely-drawn Jesus mask. There’s a beard and a moustache and the long hair and everything.

So.. we’re up against the Masked Messiah. Except he kills people. How are these guys sure it’s not just Cockroach Jesus? Actually, then again, I’m sure if it was a human-sized cockroach, they’d be able to tell.

Either way, this is gonna be a long four days.

1:03 PM

Donnie wants to “listen to some music.” …”in bed.” “Together.”

I’m “looking forward to this,” journal. I’ll see you after the “show.”

1:34 PM

ffff neighbours came in! Guess we forgot to lock the doors. They said there’s a big inn-wide meeting going on downstairs. And they said we can work on repopulating the human race when it’s just the two of us left.

Great, now we just look like the guests who fuck a lot.

We weren’t even fucking, just cuddling. D:

(I.. kinda wasn’t ready.)

2:00 PM

That meeting was boring. It was basically a headcount and making sure everyone was going on the Exodus.

Oh, and a curfew. Eight o’ clock sharp, as Masky tends to strike after that.

2:27 PM

We went to the local supermarket and got some non-perishable foods. Yummy!

There’s lots of flying zombies in the sky, but they don’t seem to want to bother us.

I’m glad.

5:09 PM

Someone’s knocking in our door.

At least they had the courtesy to knock. >.>

5:13 PM

It was Rogers. He has something he wants to show us.

5:17 PM

Out of the inn.

5:29 PM

This is a golf club.

Rogers led us here to play golf?

5:33 PM

Oh my god that’s not golf. That’s a rabbit hole.

It’s a vending machine, but every slot is taken up by an eyeball that’s blinking and looking around and ugh. It’s at the end of a hallway. I can tell that this door right here’s a rabbit hole.

Rogers looks a little bit mad. Like, crazy. That kind of “mad.”

Is he expecting us to go in?

5:34 PM

He’s talking, I’ll transcribe! ‘Cause I can write fast. I guess.

“You know what this is, right?”

Donnie said it’s a rabbit hole.

Rogers laughed. “No, no, no. What’s this?” He’s pointing at the entrance.

I said it’s a door.

“That’s right. It is a door. Do you know what that means?”

We don’t.

“It means we’ve got the key to Rapture right here in front of us.”

He’s leading us away from the door now.

“You don’t want to go into that door. You don’t want to go into any door, but what’s tricky is that sometimes you run into a door that doesn’t even look a thing like a door.”

For some reason, I’m reminded of that huge vault thing that the Vorke was resting behind. It looked like a door, though actually…

“The Exodus… why do you want to go on the Exodus, guys?”

Donnie says we’re meeting people in America.

“Nah, that’s not why. C’mon, be honest. Why do you want to go on the Exodus? Actually, let me ask a better question. Why do you have to go?”

Uh.. shit. I don’t really know.

“Why do you have no choice?”

We don’t have a choice? WAITWAITWAIT, it’s because England is theirs now. Like that graffiti said.

Rogers is grinning madly. "Ah, but whose? England is whose?”

Donnie said “The things.” And I said “Fear.”

“Yes. Yes. England belongs to them now. Fear. YES, yes that’s completely right. No one ever knows that, but you guys are the first I’ve found who knew!” He takes a bit to calm down.

We’re at a window now, facing out to the driving range. Zombies are out there.

“I’ve heard rumours. About what caused this weird stuff.”

I asked if he meant Rapture, and he shouted.

“It’s not Rapture. At least, this isn’t. I knew that as soon as I heard the blind prophets. They go around saying ‘Rapture is coming.’ ‘Cause it is. Rapture’s coming. It’s not here yet. The fears know that too, which is why they’ve come out to play. They were always here, you know. The fears. They used to just occasionally reach out to get people, but now they’re going crazy. They’re killing people left and right. Some of ‘em even use us to kill people for ’em.”

..fuck. Like The Harlequin.

His face lit up.

“The Wooden Girl. Yes. She uses people, uses us. I haven’t heard of her lately, though. Which is odd. Actually, a lot of the fears are doing odd things lately. Some of them are killing more than usual, but one thing’s certain: they’re claiming England for good now.”

9dd oh, that was just Donnie grabbing my shirt, since my hands are occupied.

“Do you know anything about the Wooden Girl? Why she’s gone quiet lately?”

I looked at Donnie. She nodded at me. “It’s.. well, I subdued her, I guess you could say.”

Rogers looked at me for a bit. Then he laughed. “But the Wooden Girl’s a fear. She can’t be subdued just like that. I’d be surprised if she could be subdued at all. I think she’s planning something. I dunno. Doctor Cloud, too. I hear nothing but trouble about what he found in 







he’s gone.



10:42 PM

We’re gonna go to bed.

11:00 PM

Rapture is coming.

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